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Saigon Street by PapaGolf54 Saigon Street :iconpapagolf54:PapaGolf54 10 9
UNDER ATTACK / english version
A Science Fiction Story
© 2017
In the COC of the space cruiser 'Cogolin' the typical tension prevailed before a battle. Extremely focused, the commander looked at the tactical indicators of the main screen. A huge number of alien ships were displayed there.
You're right there, Ann thought grimly. This was clearly not a friendly neighborly visit. "You do not expect us to be destroyed without a fight, do you?"
The long waiting time had been an up and down of emotions. Three long years had been spent in uncertainty, after the message had arrived, this hateful oath to eradicate mankind from the face of the universe, without mercy and without any reason. Sender: unknown.
Ann had returned from a six-months expedition with her ship a few weeks later, and had found a completely changed Earth. After a period of consternation, disbelief, and fear, determination had already gained ground, and mankind had been preparing for the most important battle of its history.
Within the next
:iconpapagolf54:PapaGolf54 5 11
UNDER ATTACK / german version
Eine Science Fiction Geschichte
© 2017
In der Zentrale des Raumkreuzers "Cogolin" herrschte die typische Anspannung vor einem Gefecht. Konzentriert betrachtete die Kommandantin die taktischen Anzeigen des Hauptschirms. Eine riesige Zahl fremder Schiffe wurde dort angezeigt.
"Sie kommen genau hier durch", dachte Ann grimmig. Das war eindeutig kein freundlicher Nachbarschaftsbesuch. "Ihr erwartet doch nicht, dass wir uns einfach so vernichten lassen, oder?"
Die Wartezeit war ein Auf- und Ab der Emotionen gewesen. Drei lange Jahre hatte man in Ungewissheit verbracht, nachdem die Botschaft angekommen war, dieser hasserfüllte Schwur, die Menschheit vom Antlitz des Universums zu tilgen, ohne Gnade und ohne jede Begründung. Absender Unbekannt.
Ann war wenige Wochen später mit ihrem Schiff von einer sechs-monatigen Expedition zurückgekommen und hatte eine veränderte Erde vorgefunden. Nach einer Phase der Bestürzung, des Unglaubens und der Angst hatten
:iconpapagolf54:PapaGolf54 3 7
Night At Times Square by PapaGolf54 Night At Times Square :iconpapagolf54:PapaGolf54 15 10 Favourites by PapaGolf54 Favourites :iconpapagolf54:PapaGolf54 7 6 Good-job by PapaGolf54 Good-job :iconpapagolf54:PapaGolf54 7 0 Amazing by PapaGolf54 Amazing :iconpapagolf54:PapaGolf54 7 4 Farbspiel 2 by PapaGolf54 Farbspiel 2 :iconpapagolf54:PapaGolf54 18 21 Farbspiel 1 by PapaGolf54 Farbspiel 1 :iconpapagolf54:PapaGolf54 18 17 Collateral by PapaGolf54 Collateral :iconpapagolf54:PapaGolf54 9 7 Morning has broken by PapaGolf54 Morning has broken :iconpapagolf54:PapaGolf54 20 3 Man Flu by PapaGolf54 Man Flu :iconpapagolf54:PapaGolf54 14 8 Outpost 317-T by PapaGolf54 Outpost 317-T :iconpapagolf54:PapaGolf54 20 17 Fusion by PapaGolf54 Fusion :iconpapagolf54:PapaGolf54 14 13 Under Attack by PapaGolf54 Under Attack :iconpapagolf54:PapaGolf54 22 17 Dream Of The Multiverse by PapaGolf54 Dream Of The Multiverse :iconpapagolf54:PapaGolf54 20 15

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I started some years ago using Photoshop Elements to improve holiday snapshots. After some time I developed the unbelievable possibilities of those programms. I changed to CS5 extended and booked some pretty good video-tutorials. Those amazing guys showed me even more ideas and techniques.
In 2016 I found deviant art, where I came in contact with fractal generating programs. Another universe to discvover....
Then there were the GIFs. It is so much fun to create them and watch them beeing used all over deviantart. All my GIFs are USE4FREE and can be downloaded from my gallery. Have fun with them.
Thank you so much for sharing your art and for giving me your comments. It is really an extra motivation...
Hi there,

everybody loves to get comments on his artwork and like me many folks want to share their enthusiasm and admiration for those beautiful pieces of art here on deviantart. However, just writing only words is often not enough. There have to be different and better ways to express your opinion and to give feedback. That was the moment when I found that "SHOW MEDIA" button at the bottom line of the input window. First I used those nice emoticons, then I started to make little pictures but finally I learned to make my own animated "gif´s" and started experimenting with them.

One of the most used phrases in all the comments is

Thank You by PapaGolf54

directly followed by


That is when I had to learn that there is a size limit of max 150x150px for those "gif´s". You can´t use bigger ones in comments.

I started to use those little pictures in my comments and got some requests pretty soon. People wanted to use them. So I marked them as

Use4free by PapaGolf54

without copyright. Anybody can download and use them for free without any limitations.

Producing "gif´s" with photoshop takes some time but finally I was fit enough to start some more sophisticated projects like

Stunning V4 by PapaGolf54

The biggest problem was the implementation of a smooth movement. The next one was

Beautiful by PapaGolf54

followed by some other pictures like

Bravo-1 by PapaGolf54    Daily-Deviation-1 by PapaGolf54       Thanks-typewriter by PapaGolf54   Excellent-2 by PapaGolf54   KILROY-animated by PapaGolf54

After some time I found more inspiration on the internet. Many "gif´s" there are not programmed as an endless loop. That means you have some kind of reset / interruption when they start again which is pretty ugly to watch. So I had to find out how to create endless loops without any interruption. Once you find out it´s pretty simple. However it takes some time. But it was worth it

Good-work by PapaGolf54

The "GOOD WORK" took me hours to find out how this could be done. In the end it´s only a sequence of just 15 seperate movements. However, during creation I had to manage more than 120 seperate layers.

"Gif´s" should be funny too. So I started working with single letters like

Excellent Work V2 by PapaGolf54

The "O" is obviously stoned and gets hammered by its neighbours.....

Letters alone are boring. So I had to implement some more effects...

SUPER-WOW by PapaGolf54

I always wanted to create a moving and realistic looking water surface. Finally I found help in the internet. There are some pretty good videos that show how to do that.

Yeah by PapaGolf54

Now I try to find a way how to give help for others to create their own messages. I was thinking of some kind of Flap-Display-Simulator but I failed. So I returned to "gif´s" for that.

Breathtaking by PapaGolf54

How can I give some help for others to create their own messages (in their own languages). I created the A to Z letters as single "gif´s".

I by PapaGolf54T by PapaGolf54 Leertaste by PapaGolf54L by PapaGolf54O by PapaGolf54O by PapaGolf54K by PapaGolf54S by PapaGolf54 Leertaste by PapaGolf54L by PapaGolf54I by PapaGolf54K by PapaGolf54E by PapaGolf54 Leertaste by PapaGolf54T by PapaGolf54H by PapaGolf54I by PapaGolf54S by PapaGolf54

Needs some more adjustments but after some time I will make it work properly. However I just learned that there is a limitation of max. 5 "gif´s" per comment. So I have to find a different approach for words with more than 5 letters.

That´s it so far, folks. If you have any ideas for some animations which can be used by the community - please don´t hesitate to tell me. Maybe I can realize them.

Best regards from Northern Germany
Have fun!


Pg54 by PapaGolf54



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